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Buenos Aires. Set under the starlight, the sultry and bustling streets of the city awaken to the rhythm and passion of tango...

TANGO AFTER DARK is the ultimate theatrical tango experience straight from Argentina, that merges the intoxicating music of the great Argentine tango composer Astor Piazzolla, jaw-dropping choreography, and breath-taking moves, to reveal tango in its most authentic but sophisticated form.
As Argentina's most popular dance, world-renowned for its seductive powers, this mesmerizing show combines the sensuous side of tango with the rawness and quick-fire precision of this dance, taking this passionate dancing language to the limit, to create a unique and exhilarating performance.

This outstanding theatrical experience is entirely inspired by the great work of Astor Piazzolla, who is a prominent Argentinean contemporary music figure. His music, a masterful blend of urban music and cutting-edge composing technics, sought a provocative renewal of style through a transmutation of sonority as well as rhythm, which resulted in world widely recognized unique and remarkable sounds and sensations. Starting in the 60’s, Piazzolla’s figure became the core of avant-garde thought, whose three-decade leading transformation took the “New Tango” to the most prestigious stages in the world. This worldwide renowned composer transformed the tango landscape in the 1960s and 70s by introducing the world to his Nuevo Tango.

Piazzolla is Buenos Aires but he is also night: peak and abyss, fierceness and mystery, lights and shadows of this city which never sleeps; all reflected in his music, as they would look in a kaleidoscope. TANGO AFTER DARK springs from this porteña night, Piazzolla’s muse and inspiration.

With live music by two sensational singers and seven on-stage musicians who bring Piazzolla’s passionate music to life, tango superstar and World Champion German Cornejo leads his superb company of 10 world-class dancers to show off the sultry nature of tango in this breath-taking new performance. The show widely approaches different periods of Piazzolla’s work, which transforms dancing into a vivid portrait of this Argentinean great composer’s creative spirit. Cornejo, who was deeply inspired by such a revolutionary and creative spirit, goes through his own transformation of tango dance language by setting free his creativity and taking it to its limits. The final outcome is both an authentic and personal tango which magnificently blends roots with the cutting edge, the melancholic and surreal Buenos Aires with XXI century sophistication.

With multiple sold out performances across the globe, German Cornejo's spectacular choreography has captivated audiences worldwide for more than 10 years, through its unique mix of tradition and sophistication of tango for the 21st century. Celebrities such as Simon Cowell, Marc Anthony, Mel B., Heidi Klum and Jennifer Lopez, among others, have praised German’s work.

TANGO AFTER DARK is set to be an unforgettable evening that will keep your passion for tango burning deep into the night.

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